Iki is a famous tourist island in Japan.Relax, have fun, and see the sights.

If you're planning a trip to Japan, how about visiting Iki island in Nagasaki Prefecture in Kyushu?
It takes about an hour by ferry to reach Iki from Fukuoka Prefecture. It is a popular tourist island in Japan.
Of course, the food is great and there are many tourist sights, beautiful natural scenery, shrines, and historic sights, and other Japanese cultural things. A hot spring is something you must try in Japan. There is so much variety on Iki.
Surrounded by ocean, marine sports are popular on white sandy beaches and a crystal-clear ocean.
When traveling with friends or family, please include Iki in your plans.




Hot Spring

Yunomoto is a hot spring town with an outdoor onsen bath affording great ocean views.
While bathing and gazing at the sunset sky, the natural air will relax and refresh you.
In spring or fall, enjoy the season while in the hot spring.
This picturesque onsen town with columns of steam is the island's prime place to relax.

Grand Nature
Super panorama views

Being an isolated island, Iki has unspoiled nature. Below the big sky is grand nature.
The natural background hosts many manmade sights. During fine weather, here are some Iki sights to see.

Island of the Gods

Iki island in the Genkai Sea measures only 17 km north?south and 15 km east?west. However, it is dotted with over 1,000 Shinto shrines. Since it supposedly has Japan's highest concentration of gods, Iki is popular among tourists as a "power spot" for Japan's unique culture.

Visit a World of History

Iki flourished as a relay point for conveying culture from China and the Korean peninsula to Japan.
Many historical artifacts from this era still remain on Iki.
By seeing the exhibited artifacts and ruins, you can be amazed by the local history.

  • Banana boat
  • scuba diving
  • Sea kayaking
  • fishing
Iki Two-Day Tour Itinerary ─ Touring Iki ─

With so little online travel information about
Iki, many people wonder
how to plan an enjoyable trip.
Hopefully, this sample itinerary will help you!

The start of your trip to Iki! By hydrofoil boat, it takes only an hour to Iki,
a coastal resort.

As the sea breeze delights you, you have arrived on Iki. Your tour of Iki starts now!

First, dine on extra thick sirloin steak cooked on a hot iron plate at Umeshima restaurant which operates its own cattle farm. Fine Iki beef!

When your prayers come true, it is customary to offer a stone monkey at Ondake Shrine. Next to the shrine are over 200 of them.

Sakyo-bana is on the island's nose-like protrusion lined with high cliffs. It gives a feeling of vast openness. Nearby are the Horahoge Jizo guardian statues standing in the ocean. At high tide, the statues go underwater and pray for marine safety. They are the guardians of Iki. After you pray to them for a safe trip, go to the family home of Iki-native Yasuzaemon Matsunaga, dubbed the King of Electric Power. The home is now a museum. It traces the history of a great man who helped promote the electrification of modern Japan.

At Ikinokura Distillery, taste some Iki shochu liquor, then go to Tsukiyomi Shrine. Travelers who know about these places will most definitely pay a visit. Iki is famous as the birthplace of barley-based shochu liquor. Ikinokura Distillery is one of Iki's Seven Famous Distilleries. You can visit and watch the production process. Shochu tasting is also provided! After you feel slightly tipsy, visit Tsukiyomi Shrine, the so-called birthplace of Shinto. In front of this shrine in existence since 1,500 years ago, be in awe of its history.




Sakyo-bana MAP /D Horahoge Jizo MAP /E
Matsunaga Memorial Museum MAP /F

Ikinokura MAP /G Tsukiyomi Shrine MAP /H

Check-in to View Hotel Iki, your hotel for the night. Enjoy the ocean view and a great dinner with fish and meat!

The View Hotel's breakfast is Japanese-style with mineral-rich Iki tofu and dried fish. Enjoy the blessings of the island starting with breakfast.

Stroll around Katsumoto in northern Iki. While searching for gifts at the Katsumoto Morning Market or Shimojo Kudamono shop, meet the island's warm people.

Go on a cruise to Tatsunoshima island, one of Iki's major sights on the emerald-green ocean. See the Ocean Palace, Mammoth Rock, Shell Rock, and other sights.*Cruise fare for adults: \1,500, Children: \750.

At Iki Dolphin Park, children will be thrilled to touch bottlenose dolphins. Children can have fun, and the adults will melt at the cuteness of the dolphins.
Adults: \200, Elementary and junior high kids: \100, Infants: Free.




If there's time,
visit Shomogu Shrine!


One of Iki's seven major shrines, Shomogu Shrine has a history of over 1,200 years. Pray for marine safety, transportation safety, safe childbirth, or a good marriage partner. You can also receive a vermillion stamp to prove you visited.

Katsumoto has lots of island eateries! It's up to you to decide which! Enjoy your last lunch on Iki to the fullest!

At the end of your fun Iki tour,
board the boat back.
Throw the paper tape as a farewell.

The end of your two-day trip to Iki. Next time you visit,
bring different people with you for a different experience!

Yoshimoto Shokudo restaurant's katsudon pork cutlet bowl \650 (including tax)
The thick and juicy pork will flood your mouth with superb taste. The chef's smile is great too.
Mocha Java Cafe Okubo's Iki Beef Burger \900 (including tax)
Hamburger with just spices, egg,
and 100% Iki beef! A relaxing cafe in tune with the island's rhythm.
Restaurant Taiko's Raw Sea Urchin Bowl \2,500 (including tax)
Topped on a bowl of rice are 20 pieces of sea urchin (uni),
a local delicacy. They only use top-grade sea urchin.



 Plan your trip to see an event on Iki held only once a year.
Many events are held on Iki and many repeat visitors come to see events in different seasons.
Of course, first-time visitors are very welcome too.

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    Iki's summer fireworks are launched close to where the spectators are. So when there is a large one bursting in the sky, you can feel the vibrations. Held annually in August.

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    Held on the uninhabited island of Tatsunoshima on the fifth Sunday of July or on the first Sunday of August. Paddle on a sea kayak, shatter a watermelon, or catch fish in the ocean. A fun day designed for both kids and adults. Boat fare for adults \500 and children \300.

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    Daidai Kagura Dance dates back to the Muromachi Period 700 years ago. It is an Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property of Japan. A sacred dance performed at Sumiyoshi Shrine for seven to eight hours only by Shinto priests.