Gourmet islands on the sea

The Goto Islands can be reached from the Nagasaki Prefecture mainland in around 1 hour and 30 minutes by boat.
Made up of the 4 main islands Fukue Island, Nakadori Island, Uku Island, and Odika Island, as well as various other islands, the Goto Islands are known as gourmet islands on the sea because their complex topography produces a rich variety of seafood. Besides seafood, long ago the Goto Islands were also a key maritime location that played an important role in transmitting continental culture from China.
When the Japanese sent missions to Tang China, they learned about the culture of noodles and “Goto udon” was created. This historical tradition of food culture has continued to modern times. The Goto Islands have many famous products such as boxfish, and traditional dishes such as Goto udon and iriyaki. Why not take a trip with your family or group to experience the food culture rooted in these islands?

Goto Islands Udon



Islands of prayer


Long ago, believers crossed the sea to the Goto Islands to escape persecution of Christianity, which was a forbidden religion in Japan.
They left the trail of their prayers behind in churches and stone statues that tell their history.
Goto City and other municipalities are working to have these sites registered as cultural heritage sites to transmit this history to the next generation. The thoughts of the people call to others, telling the truth of history. Take a trip to the churches scattered across the Goto Islands.

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The Goto Islands are full of charms including gourmet food
such as seafood and Goto udon,
and churches pending registration as world heritage sites.
This is a recommended destination for family trips.
The Goto Islands are divided into the 4 main area of Shin-kamigoto,
Shimogoto, Ukujima, and Odikajima.
Each island has its own charm.
Experience Onidake Onsen, Sakamoto Ryoma Yukari Square, Japan Heritage sites,
bed and breakfast stays, and gorgeous viewing spots.
Experiencing both the land and the people is part of the appeal of an island trip.
Go on a journey to experience the unique charm of each island.

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Sea Fig, a natural monument



Onidake Onsen



Sakamoto Ryoma Yukari Square

Travel to all these charming islands





boat with Ferry Taikoku

A regular ferry connecting Hakata to Fukue

Nomo Shosen’s “Ferry Taiko” has been connecting Fukuoka’s Hakata Pier to
the 4 Goto Islands since the company’s establishment in 1916.
Various public spaces (viewing lounge/ relaxation room/ kids’ room) are
available onboard. Including green sleepers, green Japanese style rooms,
twin rooms, family rooms, and suites, various types of rooms are available to fit each
situation and style so you can plan a comfortable voyage.
Your trip to the Goto Islands starts with Ferry Taiko.

Guest room introductions



Located on the bow of the Taiko Ferry, this special top grade room
is unlike any other. This completely private suite (capacity: 4
people) is a roomy space equipped with 2 Simmons beds,
True Sleeper accessories, a sofa space, and a bathroom/ washroom.
Wide glass windows are installed in the front and left sides so you
can enjoy a relaxing panoramic view of the ocean.

*Slippers, towels, toiletries (shampoo/ rinse/ body soap/ toothbrush), and a shaving set are provided in the room.



2 special rooms available (capacity: 4 people each)

This room has enough space for a family of 4 to sleep in one line.
The floor is carpeted and folding mattresses are provided.


16 special rooms available (capacity: 2 people each)

A twin room is a private room for 2 people
that includes storage space.
The floor is carpeted and folding mattresses are provided.

Photo:Green sleeper

Green sleeper54 spaces

Standard bed type Each sleeper is
equipped with a room light and outlet.

Photo:Green Japanese room

Green japanese room21 spaces

Standard Japanese room type
With carpeted floors, each individual
rooms fits 7 people and includes storage
space. Outlets are provided.

This is what makes Ferry Taiko great!

Barrier free facilities!
With new multi-purpose restrooms and
elevators, we can offer a comfortable voyage
to everyone with our barrier free facilities.
Kids won't get bored!
A trip by boat is endlessly exciting to a child.
We have a kids’ room available so your
child can play all he or she wants.
Sleep comfortably!
All sleeping rooms except for second
class are equipped with True
Sleeper products, and our suite is equipped
with Simmons beds to provide you
with a good night’s sleep.