Day 1

Goto Pilgrimage
Enjoy a 2-day, 3-night journey
Travel from Shimogoto to Shinkamigoto

2 days and 3 nights at a proposed World Heritage Site,
along with a gastronomic tour that gives you a sense of spirit of the islands,
is the perfect way to spend a trip to the Goto Islands in Nagasaki Prefecture.
Experience the charms of the islands, where gentle breezes blow.



Kick off your trip to the Goto Islands!
There are direct flights from Fukuoka or Nagasaki!



From Goto-Fukue Airport,
you will take a bus or taxi to a nearby rental car company.
Drive around the island,
visiting the many tourist attractions.

Dozaki Catholic Church


A church pilgrimage is the thing to do in Goto.
Visit Dozaki Catholic Church, the first church built on the
Goto Islands after the ban on Christianity was lifted.
While you fill up on lunch at nearby BABY QOO Café,
chat with the “Famous Granny” and experience the culture
of the island.

Ishida Castle


This castle by the sea is surrounded by water on three sides,
and was the last castle built by the Edo shogunate.
Take in the facades of what were once samurai residences
in the castle town, along the castle’s 400 meter stone wall
that still stands. Leisurely wander the neighborhood of samurai houses.


Return your rental car, and take the Goto Conkana Kingdom
free shuttle that leaves from Fukue Harbor.


Head back to your hotel early the first day.
At Goto Conkana Kingdom, you can indulge in amazing cuisine,
as well as wine from local wineries.
Take some time to rejuvenate in Onidake Hot Spring.



Day 2


After a soothing island awakening,
pass the time leisurely until your 11:00am checkout,
then head to Fukue Harbor.


Take the Goto Christianity Cruise.
Go on a water taxi pilgrimage of all of the churches
in a proposed World Heritage Site.

Click here for details

the Goto Christianity Cruise

*Photos were taken and published with the permission of the archdiocese.
© Nagasaki Prefectural Tourism Association


When a new church was built in 1931,
plans were made to demolish this old wooden church.
Local residents protested, and it still stands as a candidate
to become a World Heritage Site.



The church was constructed by its devotees,
who leveled the earth themselves to create the site.
Egami is Japan’s quintessential wooden church.

Egami Catholic Church


From the deck of the ship, view the
statue of Maria standing amongst the steep cliffs.
Feel the experience of Christians who once had to hide their beliefs.

*Photos were taken and published with the permission of the archdiocese.
© Nagasaki Prefectural Tourism Association

Christian Cave


Goto Christianity Cruise arrives at its destination in Shin-Kamigoto!
Take the water taxi to Goto Udon Village and fill up on the
local specialty, Goto udon, to cap of the cruise.



For the 2nd night, you will stay at the venerable Maeda Ryokan in Shin-Kamigoto,
where you can dig into some amazingly fresh seafood.


If you need a drink after your delicious meal, go to MARY MORGAN.
Interact with locals while sampling beer and wine from all over the world.


Day 3



Have a healthy island breakfast at Maeda Ryokan,
with local specialties including sun-dried seafood.
Afterwards, take a taxi to a rental car company in Arikawa.

Kashiragashima Tenshudo Catholic Church


Devotees built this church from stone quarried
from a nearby island that they carried and erected themselves.
The stone construction is rare in Japan.

Ryouma Sakamoto


This location looks out onto the site of the
shipwreck of the Wild Wave, owned by Kaientai.
Sakamoto Ryoma rushed to the site and commissioned the
erection of the commemorative plaque.



Make sure you order the popular B Deluxe Set when you lunch at Kamometei,
where time passes like a gentle breeze.
The last meal of your trip will be the famous Goto Beef hamburger.

Sea Fig


The 650 year old tree that stands at Narao Shrine has been designated a natural monument.
Passing under its roots is said to give you long life,
making this a Goto “power spot.”


Return your rental car and travel to Fukue Harbor.
This is your last chance to burn the vision of the Goto Islands into your mind’s eye.
Take the time to look back on the memories of your journey.



Now comes the finale to your wonderful 2-day,3-night Goto Islands journey.
Without a doubt it will be a trip so enriching that you will be screaming,
“I want to go back!”

Paying in Goto “Shimatoku Bucks”
are a super bargain!

What are Shimatoku Bucks!?


Are you planning on paying cash for your hotel, food,
and souvenirs in Goto as usual?
“Shimatoku Bucks” are premium gift certificates that can be used in some
areas of Nagasaki Prefecture that allow those in the know to get incredible
bargains on their trip to Iki.
One of those areas is Goto City, where you can use them in tons of
shops.There will be Shimatoku Bucks vendors on the island when you arrive,
where you can purchase them in sets of ¥6,000
(for which you pay ¥5,000).

Use them on accommodations!

Use them at Maeda Ryokan to enjoy even more
glorious seafood cuisine. The more you use Shimatoku Bucks instead
of cash, the better the bargain, so why not give them a try.

Maeda A hotel

Use them on accommodations!

Use Shimatoku Bucks at all the restaurants on the
2-day, 3-night Goto Pilgrimage.