The Hidden Christian Villages of Goto ~Aiming for World Heritage Status~

Their history dates back to the Edo period.
When the believers of Christianity of the time were persecuted by the Tokugawa Shogunate, they came to Goto seeking a place of
salvation. After surviving the dangerous boat journey,
they concealed their worship by moving to remote islands, and
built villages with their fellow believers. Their history survives
today in tangible form, and in order to convey the history of the
hidden Christians to the world, Nagasaki Prefecture is seeking
their registration as a world heritage site under the same
“Hidden Christian Sites in the Nagasaki and Amakusa Region.”
The unique culture formed and cultivated by the culture of Goto’s
hidden Christians is worth seeing.


Nagasaki and Amakusa Region

The Hidden Christian Sites in the Nagasaki and Amakusa Region seeking world heritage status are comprised
of 12 properties both in Goto and throughout Nagasaki Prefecture.
Four of the constituent locations are in Goto, making it the focus of greatest interest.

01 Hara Castle Ruins

02 Villages and Sacred Sites of Hirado
  (Kasuga Village and Yasumandake)

03 Villages and Sacred Sites of Hirado
  (Nakaenoshima Island)

04 Sakitsu Village in Amakusa

05 Shitsu Village in Sotome

06 Ono Village in Sotome

07 Villages on Kuroshima Island

08 Village Ruins on Nozakijima Island

09 Villages on Kashiragashima Island

10 Villages on Hisakajima Island

11 Egami Village on Narushima Island
  (Egami Church and Environs)

12 Oura Church

mapChristian-related Sites in Goto

Village Ruins on Nozakijima Island

Former Nokubi Church

The Former Nokubi Church stands atop a low hill near the center of Nozakijima Island.
The brick church building was erected over a period of years by a poor community of
just 17 families of worshipers.

Former Nokubi Church

Kashiragashima Church

Villages on Kashiragashima Island

Kashiragashima Church

A wooden church was built in 1887, and the current stone
church was completed in 1919.
Stones quarried from the nearby islands were carried
by boat and set by the worshipers themselves.

Former Gorin Church Building

Villages on Hisakajima Island

Former Gorin Church Building

Hamawaki Church was moved and rebuilt as Gorin
Church in 1931. Some years later, plans were made
to tear down the timeworn old church and build a
new one, but thanks to calls to preserve this
important cultural property, it survives in its original
state today.

Egami Church

Egami Village on Narushima Island (Egami Church and Environs)

Egami Church

Egami Church was built on a hill cleared and leveled by the worshipers.
Though small in size, it is well-known in Japan as a classic example of a wooden church.

Goto’s 50-plus Christian churches

In addition to the facilities and buildingss which make up the Hidden Christian Sites
in the Nagasaki and Amakusa Region, there are more than 50 churches
in Goto which still portray the atmosphere of those times.

Former Nokubi Church

Kashiragashima Church

Egami Church

Former Gorin Church

  • 01 Former Nokubi Church
  • 02 Komeyama Church
  • 03 Chuchi Church
  • 04 Akabae Church
  • 05 Ebukuro Church
  • 06 Kozera Church
  • 07 Omizu Church
  • 08 Sone Church
  • 09 Hiyamizu Church
  • 10 Aosagaura Church
  • 11 Maruo Church
  • 12 Kashiragashima Church
  • 13 Aokata Church
  • 14 Oso Church
  • 15 Atotsugi Church
  • 16 Tainoura Church
  • 17 Inoura Church
  • 18 Yakezaki Church
  • 19 Matenoura Church
  • 20 Sanohara Church
  • 21 Funakakushi Church
  • 22 Nakanoura Church
  • 23 Wakamatsu Oura Church
  • 24 Hamakushi Church
  • 25 Takaitabi Church
  • 26 Fukumi Church
  • 27 Kiri Church
  • 28 Obira Church
  • 29 Arifuki Church
  • 30 Doinoura Church
  • 31 Naru Church
  • 32 Egami Church
  • 33 Gorin Church
  • 34 Former Gorin Church
  • 35 Royanosako Martyr
      Memorial Church
  • 36 Gorin Church
  • 37 Handomari Church
  • 38 Miyahara Church
  • 39 Dozaki Church
  • 40 Uragashira Church
  • 41 Mizunoura Church
  • 42 Uchiori Church
  • 43 Kusuhara Church
  • 44 Miiraku Church
  • 45 Saganoshima Church
  • 46 Kaitsu Church
  • 47 Fukue Church
  • 48 Shigeshiki Church
  • 49 Tamanoura Church
  • 50 Imochiura Church

tour of Goto’s churches across 7 island

  • Departure Point / Fukoka-Hakata Port
  • Tour Cost / 49,800-52,800 JPY
  • Tour Length / 4 days, 2 nights
  • Sightseeing Locations / Nagasaki/Goto

Departs/Ends at Hakata Port

Recommended Points

Pilgrimage guides at the sites dotting the Goto islands and
water taxis help to make getting around go smoothly.

● Course Departing Kamigoto

Goto Udon no Sato (7:30) = Aokata Bus Center (7:45) = Wakamatsu Port (8:30) ~ Christian Cave (No landing) ~ Narushima Island (9:20) = Egami Church (9:45) = Narushima Island (10:35) ~ Hisakajima Island - Former Gorin Church (10:50) ~ Fukue Port (11:45)

Tour Conditions

2 persons
Tour Conductor
On-site Staff
Number of Meals Breakfast
2 days, Lunch: 0, Dinner: 2 days
Length: 4 days, 2 nights
Details: Minimum Participants: 2 persons, Tour Conductor: None,
On-site Staff: None, Breakfast: 2 days, Dinner: 2 days
Other: Tour is on sale until 7 days before the departure date.
*If closed on the above date, the tour is on sale until the preceding business day.

Tour Itinerary

Spend an exciting night on a luxurious ferry!

Tour all kinds of Christian sites in one trip!

Visit the Former Nokubi Church, a world heritage candidate!

On board

A church

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Meals: No meals

Meals: Dinner

Hakata Port [23:45] → Stay on Ferry

Goto/Fukue Port [08:15] → Free Time → 

(Christian Cruise Experience) → Hotel

Accommodations: Hotel Marinepia


Meals: Breakfast - Dinner

Hotel → Nakadorishima Sightseeing (Kashiragashima Church) 

→ Aokata Port [12:10] → Ojika Port [Arrive 13:00/Depart 14:30]

→ Hamayu → Nozakijima Island (Nokubi Church)

[Arrive 15:05/Depart 17:05] → Charter Boat

→ Ojika Port [Arrive 17:35/Depart 19:55]

→ Uku Port [Arrive 20:35] → Hotel [Arrive 20:45]

Enjoy fresh seafood and whale curry!

Day 4

cooking and Whale curry

Hotel → Ukushima Island Sightseeing

→ Uku Port [Depart 13:55]

→ Hakata Port [Arrive 17:50]

Tour concludes after arrival at Hakata Port